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How To Open Bios Password

Thursday, June 25, 2009 ·

Bios password is usually used to protect users Bios settings on the computer. If you want the password on Bios does not need to hard-hard-to mengkoneksikan bateray CMOSnya, with a few tricks on the dos you can password on the BIOS manufacturer.
First out of the window with me restart your computer, start the computer in MS-DOS mode, use the "Command Promt Only"
In the c: prompt, type: DEBUG . press enter.
You will see the sign (-) in DEBUG promt,
then type: o 70 2e o 70 2e . DEBUG promt will be on display as o-70 2e.
press enter and type: -o 71 ff 71-o ff .hit enter,
the last type: Q Q . hit enter,
then you will exit from DEBUG promt and again in the C:> promt.
Now restart your kompuiter back, and see the results

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